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Starting at $6,500 with local pick up or $5,500 Pack & Ship without batteries

Above is our working prototype and we are ready to get your system built and out to you. Each system frame is designed to fit over either wheel well and will be built with birch plywood either unfinished or finished to match your preferences. 


This system is primarily built with Victron Energy & Battle Born components. Shown above are two different inverter options.

  • Victron Energy - Phoenix 1200VAC

  • Victron Energy - Multiplus 12/3000  

Each customer's needs for a power system is different so we recommend sending us an email to discuss which package is right for you. 

Package A: Recreational      100 ah - 1200 Inverter    Starting $6,500

Package B: Boon Docker      270 ah - 1200 Inverter    Starting $7,900

Package C: Go Farther         270 ah - 3000 Inverter    Starting $9,500

Package D: The Power Hog  540 ah - 3000 Inverter    Starting $12,500

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