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Drop in Power Systems

Victron Energy Components & Battle Born Batteries

Van Design


  • 2 Side sliding windows with screens

  • Running boards - Driver's side & Passenger's side

  • 2 - 175 Watt solar panels, DC to DC charging, 270 Ah Lithium Battle Born Battery (Expandable to 540 ah), 1200 Watt Inverter

  • 2 Zone interior dimmable LED lights

  • 2 Maxxair fans

  • 2 Swivel front seats

  • Hideaway cassette toilet (5 gallon capacity) 

  • Havelock wool insulation R7 design specifically for van conversions


Ample Space

  • Equipped with 2 storage cabinets and 2 mixed-use shelves

  • 5 Kitchenette drawers

  • Large "garage" space under the fixed bed



  • Isotherm 3 cu ft. refrigerator w/ small freezer

  • 13" x 15" x 9" Deep Stainless Steel Sink

  • Magnetic docking single handle faucet 

  • 7 gallon fresh water and 7 gallon grey water tank

  • 12v water pump

  • 3 quart Instapot capable wall outlet

Our Mission: 
Ridgeway Vans exists to connect people to the outdoors while providing the amenities of a home on the road. Our affordable custom packages make van life available for everyone. 


Simple Design

At Ridgeway Vans we understand when not to overthink it.

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San Carlos, CA

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